Handling Instant Payment Notifications

This flow implements a simple IPN handler. It checks if the invoice status is either "confirmed" or "complete" and outputs the invoice data to Debug window.

IPN Handler Flow

Node-RED Flow

"id": "104235db.a6176a",
"type": "btcpay-ipn",
"z": "ee9c9c24.20b96",
"client": "",
"path": "/btcpay-ipn",
"name": "",
"x": 400,
"y": 1240,
"wires": [["8c74d639.2e0d88"]]
"id": "a2a2d5f9.0bc0d8",
"type": "comment",
"z": "ee9c9c24.20b96",
"name": "IPN handler",
"info": "",
"x": 410,
"y": 1200,
"wires": []
"id": "bbf0388f.9332e8",
"type": "debug",
"z": "ee9c9c24.20b96",
"name": "Invoice Data",
"active": true,
"tosidebar": true,
"console": false,
"tostatus": true,
"complete": "payload",
"targetType": "msg",
"statusVal": "payload.status",
"statusType": "msg",
"x": 790,
"y": 1240,
"wires": []
"id": "8c74d639.2e0d88",
"type": "switch",
"z": "ee9c9c24.20b96",
"name": "check status",
"property": "payload.status",
"propertyType": "msg",
"rules": [
{ "t": "eq", "v": "confirmed", "vt": "str" },
{ "t": "eq", "v": "complete", "vt": "str" }
"checkall": "false",
"repair": false,
"outputs": 2,
"x": 590,
"y": 1240,
"wires": [["bbf0388f.9332e8"], ["bbf0388f.9332e8"]]
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